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I work with profoundly disabled children – the gentleness and repetition of the ‘M’ Technique® really calms and soothes them. Amazingly, children who are autistic begin to 'learn' what is coming next! —Suzi Chester, Aromatherapist, Ellen Tinkham School, Exeter.

People with dementia and their care-givers really benefit from the ‘M’ Technique®. It gives comfort and affirmation to people with severe dementia who are hard to reach. —Phyl Tappin, Lead Outreach Worker, New Forest Branch, Alzheimer's Society.

I use the ‘M’ Technique® in palliative and terminal care and I have found the effects to be magical. It is also very relaxing for the giver. —Amanda Richardson. RGN. Community Nurse, Bristol.

The ‘M’ Technique® is a truly wonderful soothing and relaxing touch with far reaching benefits. It is totally safe and effective especially where other massage therapies are contraindicated. I have found it to be an extremely valuable addition to my practice and I would highly recommend it to therapists and non-professionals alike plus it is as relaxing for the giver as the receiver. —M. Littlewood. Beautician & Holistic Therapist. Dublin, Ireland.